Proposals for the Summit of Presidents of the Amazon

Amazon, May 15, 2023

Presidents of the Amazon

Ref: Summit of Presidents of the Amazon

We hereby wish to send you the following proposal documents for the Summit of Presidents of the Amazon that have been the result of a discussion process of several months of the Pan-Amazonian Social Forum (FOSPA), the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), the World Assembly for the Amazon (AMA), various indigenous organizations from the Amazon basin and civil society institutions.

Our proposals seek to contribute to the process of elaboration of the documents that will come out of the Summit of Presidents of the Amazon with the objective of avoiding the point of no return of the Amazon and the hope that very clear and developed mandates will be agreed on the issues that we raise .

Each one of the documents that we present contains a first part of the state of the situation based on science and objective data, a second part that includes the regulations and mechanisms already agreed at the international level and between countries in the region so that those agreements become effective. fully and are the starting point for the decisions to be adopted, and thirdly our concrete proposals that are born from the experience and reflections in the Amazon.

Hoping that the process towards the Summit of Presidents of the Amazon does not follow the same route as the meeting of presidents of the Amazon in Leticia in 2019, where there was no participation of civil society, we are ready at your disposal to attend all the meetings face-to-face and virtual meetings that you call us to be able to discuss these and other proposals that you are considering.

The documents we include are 1) Let’s avoid the Amazon’s point of no return, 2) The fate of the Amazon is the fate of its peoples , 3) Let’s save the Amazon from mining and mercury, 4) Water for life in the Amazon, 5) Direct, transparent, participatory financing and not to commodify the Amazon, and 6) In defense of the bodies and territories of Andean-Amazonian women in their diversity.


Pan-Amazon Social Forum
Pan-Amazon Ecclesial Network
World Assembly for the Amazon

Download here all the Proposals for the Summit of Presidents of the Amazon

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