Earth Assemblies for Climate Justice

After 30 years of climate negotiations it is clear that the United Nations will not produce the result we need to deal with the climate collapse. COP27, far from increasing contributions to reduce greenhouse gases and honoring the historical climate debt from industrialized economies to countries and people that have contributed very little to climateSigue leyendo «Earth Assemblies for Climate Justice»

10 demands from the Amazon

[Español, Português] There is a place where the rivers flow, where the Cure of the Earth lives; where the spiritual reserve of life, the medicines and the knowledge to live well are found; where the communities maintain hope, care and take care of us. That place is the Amazon. Source of life, the Amazon isSigue leyendo «10 demands from the Amazon»

Earth Assemblies

Proposal To respond to the capture of the climate negotiations and the worsening of the ecological crisis [Português, Español] While scientists[1] warn about the seriousness of the ecological crisis and the urgency of drastically reducing greenhouse gases, climate and biodiversity negotiations are moving slowly, and there is concern that the next climate change conferences, knownSigue leyendo «Earth Assemblies»

Panamazonian Declaration of Belém

The X Pan-Amazonian Social Forum (FOSPA), held in Belém do Pará (Brazil) from July 28-31, presented the Pan-Amazonian Declaration of Belém. This document expresses the problems facing the Amazon today and includes the main proposals for policies and actions needed to safeguard the Amazon and its human and non-human inhabitants. Read the Pan-Amazonian Declaration ofSigue leyendo «Panamazonian Declaration of Belém»

Self-call to the Second Global Assembly for the Amazon «Heading to the X FOSPA»

[Español, Português] The movements, networks, collectives, activists, institutions and organizations of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverine people, siringueros (rubberes), caboclos, marrons, peasants, artists, religious, defenders of nature, communicators, academics, women, youth and inhabitants of the Amazon and other regions of the planet committed to the defense of life, call ourselves to the Second Global Assembly forSigue leyendo «Self-call to the Second Global Assembly for the Amazon «Heading to the X FOSPA»»

The Amazon call for peace

The current war in Ukraine is an event of historical proportion that is already reshaping the international system at the economic, commercial, geopolitical, social and environmental levels. There are other wars and armed aggressions on the planet that we also condemn (Palestine, Somalia, Syria, etc.), however, none has the potential to escalate and trigger aSigue leyendo «The Amazon call for peace»

World Amazon Assembly on the Climate Crisis

On November 9th, the Global Assembly on the Amazon and Climate Crisis was held in parallel to the COP 26, with the participation of 107 people (in person) and 319 (virtually) in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. The Assembly was divided into three parts: 1) Who we are and the road travelled, 2) The threeSigue leyendo «World Amazon Assembly on the Climate Crisis»

Meeting of Knowledge: The Three Demands of the Nine Amazon Countries

Representatives of the peoples of the Amazon Forest, in concert with other segments of South American societies, gathered at the Meeting of Knowledge in Belém, capital of the state of Pará, in Brazil, between 20 and 23 October 2021. Enriched with contributions from the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis, the signatoriesSigue leyendo «Meeting of Knowledge: The Three Demands of the Nine Amazon Countries»

 Self-call to the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis

There is no solution to the climate crisis without the Amazon. The Amazon is on the verge of collapse due to the predatory activities of agro-livestock corporations, monocultures, the planting of genetically modified seeds, agrofuels, legal and illegal mining, the extraction and spillage of hydrocarbons, biopiracy, hydroelectric mega-projects, mega-infrastructure, drug trafficking and organized crime. TheSigue leyendo » Self-call to the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis»

Life Plan to stop the escalation of pandemics that push the Amazon and the world towards collapse

The Amazon, a source of life, is today threatened with death. The Amazon, with its 8 million km2, is the heart of the planet and there, we live; more than 400 indigenous peoples and 3 million Amazonians, in the depth of the rainforest and the greatest biological diversity on Earth, surrounded by impressive reservoirs ofSigue leyendo «Life Plan to stop the escalation of pandemics that push the Amazon and the world towards collapse»