What are we looking for?

  • Form an alliance for the Amazon, a sort of platform of platforms where different networks, organizations, initiatives and campaigns converge, dialogue and coordinate.
  • The Assembly does not seek to replace, standardize or centralize the different articulations, but rather to support and strengthen the different initiatives and generate new ones.
  • To build a process, and therefore to aim at cycles of assemblies that address different problems and build solutions. The Assembly is a spiral process of assemblies-proposals-actions-assemblies.
  • The assembly does not seek to solve specific problems that are already being addressed by other organizations, but rather to generate exchanges, connections and interactions to strengthen these initiatives.
  • Emphasize that the pandemic is aggravating ethnocide, ecocide and extractivism in the Amazon.
  • Articulate the diversity of perspectives of the different Amazonian countries around the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples, human rights and the rights of nature.
  • To show that covid-19 is the product of an economic model that promotes deforestation, destruction of biodiversity, extensive agriculture, extractivism and climate change.
  • Call and lobby for the declaration of a moratorium in the Amazon, prohibiting the various extractive activities in the Amazon region and indigenous territories.
  • Promote a sort of «international boycott» of products that encourage the exploitation and destruction of the Amazon and indigenous peoples.
  • Articulate strategies for strengthening self-government and self-management of indigenous territories with strategies for making demands to the States.
  • Raise awareness and visibility of the Amazon at a global level.
  • Promote alternatives and systemic changes based on local, regional and international experiences at different levels (production, food, consumption, health, security, etc.).

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