Cries from the Amazon for life

Self-convened in view of the Amazon and its peoples’ destruction, which will produce a global catastrophe due to the deep interdependence of everything that exists. With the support of 540 Amazonian groups, and the initial support of more than 3,098 citizens, we call for global mobilization for the Amazon, with the following goals:

Stop the ecocide that advances to the «point of no return»; the sabanization and the ecosystem fracture of the Amazon and its connections with the Orinoquia, Chiquitanía, Chaco, Mata Atlántica, Cerrado and others. Stop the hell of massive burns and fires, the gold diggers, the land traffic, the subdivision, the colonization, for the interests of livestock, soybean, palm oil, monoculture, mining, hydrocarbon, and others. Stop the dictatorship of infrastructure (such as roads and hydroelectric dams) and conventional or falsely «green» commodities. Consolidate the rights of nature and of the Amazon ecosystem as a living being, substantial to planetary survival. Before it is irreversible, stop the catastrophe of global life, the destruction of the Amazon as the heart of the world for its countless benefits such as mega biodiversity, oxygen, freshwater, regulation, and climate cooling.

Stop the ethnocide and genocide of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, and Amazonians in general. Aggravated by the COVID19 pandemic and the ethnocide by omission and state abandonment in the Pan Amazon. Stop the aberrations of genocide, necropolitics. and «disposable bodies» from the States, especially in Brazil and others. Eradicate structural, social, technocratic, state, ontological and epistemological racism; the destruction and homogenization of cultures and the myth of «races», and thus advance in the decoloniality of power, knowledge, and of being. Stop being what we are not, cannot nor want to be.

Emergency coverage of social services, with health and self-care systems based on community and state structures that combine traditional knowledge and western medicine; strategic and consistent investments of the public powers in health and education, with the participation and control of the Amazonian peoples; comprehensive and cross-border care for pandemics (current and future) and tropical diseases. Quality and non-marginal intercultural bilingual education systems, based on the equitable dialogue of knowledge and on the respect for the collective and transgenerational intellectual heritage of peoples.

Eradicate all forms of domination and gender violence, from the private or public sphere, building effective relations of gender and intergenerational equality and overcoming the historical oppressions of patriarchy. Amazonian women are protagonists of resistance, of local and cyclical forms of economy, of new openings to the sacred of life. The Amazon youth strengthens the processes, with leadership renewal and creativity in multiple dimensions, such as communicational and artistic.

Self-government and self-determination of indigenous peoples and society, especially of the peoples in isolation and initial contact, of quilombola, caboclo, rubber tapper and riverside peoples, maroons, farmers, and Amazonian peoples in general. Ways of collective social authority, based on the community, for the collective exercise of public authority and territorial government, to overcome oppressions of the centrist state. Territorial legal titling of peoples and reconstitution of their integral territoriality, without the imposition of state-protected areas. Stop the murder of leaders, defend the defenders of life, without the criminalization and judicialization of rights and social struggles. Institutionality and secular social organizations, with free spirituality and without sects of fear, repression, and psycho-social violence.

Stop extractivism and its structures of corporate and state depredation, oppression and corruption, and the “free trade” treaties or agreements that reinforce them. For community economies, with reciprocity and solidarity, with and within the forest, so that it remains standing. Let us forge transitions towards post-extractivism and the balanced use of the goodness of nature. Self-sufficiency, sovereignty, and food security. Ecological renewable energies, without hydroelectric or nuclear plants, that overcome the addiction to fossil energy and its eternal destruction of forests, towns, and cultures.

De-commodification of Life. Stop the business’s ecocidal dictatorship of private and state capitalism, in its various political expressions. Climate justice with a net reduction of emissions without false solutions (geoengineering, carbon market, and others). Social and state action to stop the mafias, hired killers, and all forms of violence from the illegal «economies» in mining, illegal logging, drug trafficking, plantations, and land trafficking.

Inclusive, egalitarian, welcoming, ecologically, and economically sustainable cities. Urban policies and investment, with priority to the right to decent housing, access to water and basic sanitation, to fair relations in the exchange with the countryside and the forest. Stop the consumption of Amazonian products based on ecocide, ethnocide, and multiple forms of oppression. Not one more drop of indigenous and popular blood in the Amazon economies! Curb endless growth on a limited planet and consumption patterns inconsistent with preserving life.

We believe in the self-organization processes of the peoples in the Pan Amazon and in Abya Yala, with the mobilization of communities, cities, and social movements.

We call the citizens of the world to Amazonize-themselves; seal a permanent and solidary alliance with the Amazon: Let us inform, mobilize, and act in defense of life and the rights of people and nature!

We call for participation in the unity action campaigns on diversity, which follow, adopted in this First Assembly, and those that will be promoted in the following assemblies.

There is no more time!

Enough anthropocentrism, suicidal pride, technolatry of unlimited growth, until the global explosion!

The Amazon does not «belong» to us, we live together and depend on it. Full life is the interdependence between everything that exists.

Living Amazon, Safe Humanity, Good Co-Living for everyone!

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