Get Amazonized against Burning and Extractivism!

August opens with the day of the Pachamama, the Mother Earth.

We celebrate, in resistance and alliance, while the mother forest, the mountains and the fields are being consumed in the noise of the fire, which slowly devours the body of the trees, animals and communities. Hundreds of lives are falling in the face of the advance of Covid-19, of the fires and extractivism that are destroying the entire planet.

The flames and extractive activities are fueled by the greed, selfishness, pillaging, authoritarianism and arrogance of the corporations, the states and all the actors that promote the burning of the resources of the Amazon. It is not fire, it is capitalism.

Like great monsters made of fire, the cattle livestock, timber and oil industries, mining, agribusiness, bio-piracy cause deforestation, loss of biodiversity and the death of our water sources, in our mountains, in our fields and in our forests. They cause damage that is irreparable and involves years and centuries of healing.

The jaws of fire have entered our home. We can not sleep in a burning house again. We can no longer walk, breathe, live together… The Amazon is being burned! The world is heating up, the climate is changing because of extractivism and we suffer from it in every corner of the Earth!

The ancestral memories, the living cultures of the Amazon, the voices of the people of Abya Yala and the world gather all their strength in one cry: They are burning our house, the home of all humanity!

The portal of the dreams of our children, the lungs of the air that our young people breathe, the heart that gives life to the planet: The Amazon, today they burn it and we ask that the guilty be punished!

Let’s get up, in every town, in every region. Let us mobilize, let us win the streets and the attention of the world! Let’s act now!

From August 14th to 28th we self-call ourselves to a Global mobilization against the burning and destruction of the Amazon.

What can we do?

Tweets, sit-ins in front of embassies, concerts, street art, communication campaigns, performances, informative webinars, videos, actions to pressure governments and parliaments, face-to-face and virtual mobilizations, among others.

Visit our website to see the updated agenda of activities:

To Get Amazonized is to act globally from wherever you are and to amplify the diverse voices in defense of the Amazon. To Get Amazonized is to be of one heart for life. To resist against terricide, ecocide and ethnocide. To denounce the one who destroys the living forces of the planet.


Let’s save the heart of the planet

Get Amazonized!

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