5th International Rights of Nature Tribunal

5th International Rights of Nature Tribunal

Cases: Amazon, a threatened living entity &

False solutions to the Climate Change crisis

UNFCCC – COP26, Glasgow, Scotland 

Wednesday, Nov 3rd 15h GMT

Thursday, Nov 4th 15h GMT

The next hearing of the International Rights of Nature Tribunal will take place on Wednesday, November 3rd at 3 pm (GMT) and Thursday, November 4th at 3 pm (GMT)  in Glasgow, alongside the United Nations Conference on Climate Change UNFCCC – COP26. Due to COVID and traveling restrictions, this Tribunal will be a hybrid event – online through Zoom and in person at the Auditorium of Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

The Fifth International Rights of Nature Tribunal will hear two of the most fundamental ecological cases facing the world today: the false solutions to the Climate Change crisis and the Amazon, a threatened living entity. 

The two cases will be presented by frontline, impacted communities and experts from around the world, and will be heard by a panel of globally recognized judges, who will examine and rule on the cases from a Rights of Nature perspective: Enrique Viale (Argentina), Alberto Acosta (Ecuador), Osprey Orielle Lake (USA), Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria), Lisa Mead (UK), Carolyn Raffensperger (USA), Yaku Pérez (Ecuador), Nancy Yáñez (Chile), Atossa Soltani (USA), and Rocío Silva Santiesteban (Peru). 

The aim of this Tribunal is to bring maximum visibility to the current key struggles to protect the world’s ecosystems and confront the false solutions that are being presented in the face of these crises as well as the solutions emerging from civil society. The Tribunal will offer legal rulings and precedents that may aid communities and activists in their struggles to protect and restore these ecosystems, and advance the legal recognition of Nature as a rights-bearing entity.

The objective is to mobilize citizens through the creation of a platform of associations calling for the recognition of the Rights of Nature, the Rights of the Amazon, and exposing the false solutions to Climate Change as well as the opportunities to halt the Climate crisis.

The prosecutors for the cases will be Julio Prieto (Ecuador) for the False solutions to the climate change crisis case and Pablo Solón (Bolivia) for the Amazon as a threatened living entity case. 

The verdict for the False Solutions to the Climate Change Crisis case will be presented at the Glasgow Film Theater on November 7th during the People and Nature vs The UNFCCC event, while the case of the Amazon, a threatened living entity verdict will be presented during the International Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis on November 9th at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

If you are interested in more information about the Tribunal for the Rights of Nature, please click here.


  • Josefina Mösle, Communications for the Tribunal, communications@garn.org
  • Secretariat: Natalia Greene tribunal@rightsofnaturetribunal.org

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