Self-call to the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis

There is no solution to the climate crisis without the Amazon. The Amazon is on the verge of collapse due to the predatory activities of agro-livestock corporations, monocultures, the planting of genetically modified seeds, agrofuels, legal and illegal mining, the extraction and spillage of hydrocarbons, biopiracy, hydroelectric mega-projects, mega-infrastructure, drug trafficking and organized crime.

This Tuesday, November 9th, begins the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis. The encounter begins at 14:00 UK/Glasgow time; 9:00 Ecuador, Colombia and Peru; 10:00 Bolivia, Guyana and Venezuela; 11:00 Brazil-Sao Paolo, French Guyana and Suriname.

The Amazon is calling us. Come and take part in this meeting so that together we can prevent the ongoing ecocide, ethnocide and genocide and save the Amazon which is essential for the stability of the Earth’s ecosystem. Internalize the Amazon in you. Amazonize-yourself!

Global Assembly for the Amazon

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