Self-call to the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis

There is no solution to the climate crisis without the Amazon. The Amazon is on the verge of collapse due to the predatory activities of agro-livestock corporations, monocultures, the planting of genetically modified seeds, agrofuels, legal and illegal mining, the extraction and spillage of hydrocarbons, biopiracy, hydroelectric mega-projects, mega-infrastructure, drug trafficking and organized crime.

The governments of the Amazonian countries do not put a stop to these activities and, on the contrary, aggravate them in a Dantesque way as in the case of Bolsonaro.  The governments of the so-called developed countries do not prohibit the importation of products that deforest and destroy the Amazon. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is meeting for the 26th time in Glasgow, Scotland, is also failing to adopt measures to address the structural causes of the destruction of the Amazon. On the contrary, the UNFCCC supports new carbon markets for forests such as the LEAF (Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest finance) initiative promoted by the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway and several transnational corporations such as Bayer, Nestle and Amazon. Likewise, through the Green Climate Fund, it has just approved a US$279 million loan to support private investment in the Amazon Bioeconomy Fund administered by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Enough of profiting from human tragedy and climate change! The Amazon is not an object but a subject with rights that is home and territory of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverine people, siringueros (rubber tappers), caboclos, marrons, peasants, women, youth and inhabitants of the Amazonian cities. Recognition and respect for indigenous territories and the peoples that inhabit this territory is vital to save the Amazon and climate collapse. 

Faced with this situation, we call ourselves to the World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis to be held virtually and in person parallel to COP 26, within the framework of the People’s Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday, November 9 at 14:00 from the United Kingdom, 9:00 from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, 10:00 from Bolivia, Guyana and Venezuela, and 11:00 from Brazil-Sao Paolo, French Guyana and Suriname.

To participate please fill out the following form:

The Amazon is calling us. Together we can prevent the ongoing ecocide, ethnocide and genocide and save the Amazon which is essential for the stability of the Earth’s ecosystem. Internalize the Amazon in you. Amazonize-yourself!

Global Assembly for the Amazon

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