World Amazon Assembly on the Climate Crisis

On November 9th, the Global Assembly on the Amazon and Climate Crisis was held in parallel to the COP 26, with the participation of 107 people (in person) and 319 (virtually) in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. The Assembly was divided into three parts: 1) Who we are and the road travelled, 2) The three groups of demands on climate change that resulted from the Meeting of Knowledge was held at the end of October in Belem, Brazil, and 3) The Action Plan after COP 26 until FOSPA X in July 2022.

The Global Assembly for the Amazon (WAA) is a tapestry of resistances, alternatives and hopes. From the first assembly of the AMA to the Scream of the Jungle from COICA, from the Meeting of Knowledge in Belem to the COP 26 in Glasgow, from the struggles against extractivism to the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature, we are weaving alliances, building proposals, opening paths among diverse actors inside and outside the Amazon, scientists, defenders of human rights and nature, artists, exponents of culture and all those who seek to build a non-anthropocentric society. The World Assembly on the Amazon and the Climate Crisis is part of this network of weavers determined to save the Amazon and restore the balance of the Earth community.

The three groups of demands that were discussed were:

1) Direct participation of the peoples of the Amazon rainforest with the right to voice, vote and veto power in international negotiations and decisions on climate change and the approval of resources to save the Amazon. Defense, recognition and respect for the territories of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and Amazonian peoples. Stop deforestation now and save the remaining 80% of the Amazon before it reaches its point of no return.

2) Boycott goods and activities that destroy the Amazon. Ban the commercialization of products that cause the disappearance of life in the Amazon. Stop the

3) Recognize the rights of the Amazon and nature. Stop the greatest ecocide of the planet. Trial of the companies, governments and financial entities that provoke and aggravate the ecocide and ethnocide in the Amazon. For an Earth Assembly with the participation of the peoples and all living beings of the planet to rebuild the United Nations from the bottom up.

In relation to the post-COP 26 action plan, the following were considered:

  • Actions for the defense and recognition of indigenous territories.
  • Initiatives from COICA and from the peoples of the Amazon.
  • Preparatory meetings for the X FOSPA in each country.
  • Thematic meetings (80 x 25, hydroelectric dams, deforestation, mining, commercialization and financialization of nature, etc.).
  • Cultural spaces (Amazonian film festival).
  • Actions to demand the veto to products that destroy the Amazon from countries of the north, financial entities, parliaments and other actors.
  • Events of reflection on Systemic Alternatives for the Amazon.
  • On-site visit of the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature to take in the impact of mega hydroelectric plants (Belo Monte), the main iron ore mine of Carajá, cattle ranching etc. and present the findings at the X FOSPA.
  • Caravans through the rivers, land and air of the Amazon countries to Belem at the end of July.
  • Organization of the X FOSPA in Belem with thematic tents to deepen the program to save the Amazon from multiple perspectives: indigenous, afro-descendant, peasant, urban, regions that interact with the Amazon, and international allies.
  • Holding the Global Assembly for the Amazon within the framework of the X FOSPA in Belem to approve the new action plan and how we should continue weaving.

Interventions of:

  • Gregorio Mirabal, COICA
  • Cardenal Pedro Barreto, REPAM
  • Atosa Soltani, TIDN
  • Leonardo Boff,
  • Nilde Sousa, Movimiento Mulheres Brasil
  • Vitória Pinheiro, Movimento Negro/Quilombolas do Brasil
  • Osver Polo, MOCICC
  • Nemo Andi, CONFENIAE
  • Vivi Reis, Parlamentaria Brasil
  • Wilma Mendoza, CNAMIB
  • Tabea Casique, AIDESEP
  • Lucy Cadavid, Colombia
  • Manon Souquet, Attac Francia
  • Airton Faleiro, Parlamentario Pará
  • Eligio Da Costa, ORPIA
  • Luiz Arnaldo, FOSPA
  • Nati Greene, TIDN
  • Alvaro Restrepo, Extintion Rebelion
  • Nara Baré, COIAB
  • Fany Kuyru, OPIAC
  • Liliana Buitrago, Venezuela
  • Marinor Brito, Parlamentaria Para
  • Tomas Candia, CIDOB Orgánica
  • P. Dario Bossi, REPAM
  • Alberto Acosta, TIDN
  • Música de Carlos Arredondo en homenaje a Chico Mendez


  • Ana Rojas
  • Pablo Solón

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