Life Plan to stop the escalation of pandemics that push the Amazon and the world towards collapse

The Amazon, a source of life, is today threatened with death. The Amazon, with its 8 million km2, is the heart of the planet and there, we live; more than 400 indigenous peoples and 3 million Amazonians, in the depth of the rainforest and the greatest biological diversity on Earth, surrounded by impressive reservoirs ofSigue leyendo «Life Plan to stop the escalation of pandemics that push the Amazon and the world towards collapse»

Cries from the Amazon for life

Self-convened in view of the Amazon and its peoples’ destruction, which will produce a global catastrophe due to the deep interdependence of everything that exists. With the support of 540 Amazonian groups, and the initial support of more than 3,098 citizens, we call for global mobilization for the Amazon, with the following goals: Stop theSigue leyendo «Cries from the Amazon for life»

Declaration of the First Global Assembly for the Amazon

Something new is rising. Can you hear it? We hear it well, in the middle of the cries of the Amazon. The struggle of the Amazonian people rises, attacked in their territories, memories and cultures. The deafening cry of the jungle grows, knocked down, burned, plundered by rapist extractivism, which only obeys power and greed.Sigue leyendo «Declaration of the First Global Assembly for the Amazon»


443 organizaciones adhieren a la Autoconvocatoria a la Primera Asamblea Mundial por la Amazonía Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica COICA Red Eclesial Panamazónica REPAM Foro Social Panamazónico FOSPA Bolivia 21 de septiembre Bolivia Alimentos en Resistencia Bolivia Bolivia Asamblea por los bosques y la vida Bolivia Bolivia Asociación de mujeres “DomitilaSigue leyendo «Adhesiones»

Self-call to the First Global Assembly for the Amazon

Against ethnocide, ecocide and extractivism in the Amazon which is aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic The Amazon is being flooded with death in its communities, villages, towns and cities. The COVID-19 is raging with the so-called «forest peoples» who are suffering from centuries of indifference, neglect, exploitation, extractivism, racism and ethnocide. This region, which isSigue leyendo «Self-call to the First Global Assembly for the Amazon»

What are we looking for?

Form an alliance for the Amazon, a sort of platform of platforms where different networks, organizations, initiatives and campaigns converge, dialogue and coordinate. The Assembly does not seek to replace, standardize or centralize the different articulations, but rather to support and strengthen the different initiatives and generate new ones. To build a process, and thereforeSigue leyendo «What are we looking for?»