10 demands from the Amazon

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There is a place where the rivers flow, where the Cure of the Earth lives; where the spiritual reserve of life, the medicines and the knowledge to live well are found; where the communities maintain hope, care and take care of us. That place is the Amazon.

Source of life, the Amazon is threatened with death! Forces of environmental depredation and global chains invade the region generating plunder, violence, violation of rights and destruction. Extractivism tears and poisons the Earth, destroys forests and communities, rivers and the climate. Corporations profit from ecocide and ethnocide in the Amazon, threatening life as a whole and aggravated by climate change.

In defense of the Amazon, indigenous peoples are rising up, like those of Ecuador who brought their country to a standstill for 18 days. Their struggle is our struggle! Now, self-called in the 2nd Global Assembly for the Amazon we call to follow their example and to strengthen the unity of the resistance in the Amazon around the following demands: 

1. Enough of mining, garimpo, oil, mega hydroelectric and agricultural extractivism! There is no place in the Amazon for predatory economies. Our ecosystems are incompatible with the scale of action of corporations and their global chains. We demand the cessation of all new mining, oil, mega hydroelectric and agribusiness activities. We demand the review of all contracts and concessions that have brought death to the region. Extractivist corporations must repair the damage caused. Large hydroelectric dams must begin to be demolished and the mega infrastructures that dissect the Amazon must be stopped. Stop free trade and investment protection treaties.

We need an Amazon free of extractivism for life to flourish!

2. We fight for the titling/demarcation of the lands and territories of all indigenous, quilombola and traditional communities! We demand a popular agrarian reform that guarantees the land for those who work and care for it. Stop the concentration of land, reversion of large private properties for the formation of ecological restoration areas and achieve an equitable distribution of land.  We demand respect for indigenous, peasant and quilombola autonomies to strengthen the self-management of our territories. We seek a new legal-institutional order for the Amazon with a plurinational character.

Full recognition of our territories and forms of self-government!

3. No more fires in the Amazon! We demand Zero Deforestation policies, with inclusive management and forest restoration. Immediate moratorium on the expansion of livestock and soybean activities and reversion of agribusiness lands that destroy the Amazon. We demand integral environmental impact assessments, with norms and mechanisms that prohibit the export of products that damage the Amazon, and with processes of restoration of the damage caused.

Stop burning the Amazon!

4. We demand real participation and consultation for free, prior and informed consent in all projects, policies and regulations for the Amazon! Enough of imposing decisions based on mechanisms of division and co-optation of social organizations.  Ratification and effective implementation of the Escazú Agreement.

There is no future for the Amazon without effective participation of the people!

5. We demand food sovereignty and healthy and quality food free of agrochemicals and GMOs! Agroecology, agroforestry and community management of ecosystems are the alternatives to break with the domination and dependence on agrifood chains dominated by transnational capital that promotes junk food.

Food sovereignty for healthy food for humans and Mother Earth!

6. We demand employment, rights and sufficient income for the entire population! It is urgent to protect the purchasing power of the needy populations in the face of inflation and the policies of labor precariousness. We demand fair prices for agricultural products, a substantial increase in public health and education budgets through progressive taxation of large fortunes. We reject any attempt to privatize water, biodiversity, public services and public companies. We demand the cancellation of the foreign debts of the Amazonian countries.

The economic crisis must fall on big capital and not on the people!

7. We demand security for our lives! No more violence, organized crime, militias and militarization of society. We demand human security policies, access to and democratization of justice and the fight against corruption and impunity. Dismantling of all criminal groups, which control the powers in a patriarchal, racist and colonial way. Stop the criminalization and assassination of nature and community defenders.

We want to live without fear and with dignity!

8. Let us guarantee the rights of Nature in the Amazon and the world! Nature is not an object but a subject with which we interrelate and of which we are a part. Let us move towards a democracy and non-anthropocentric governments, where there are mechanisms of effective representation of nature.

Without rights of nature there are no human rights!

9. We fight for peace and world integration for peoples and nature! We are against the militarization of the planet, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the strengthening of NATO and the division of the planet by the great powers. We demand the decrease of war budgets and the abolition of the use of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. We call for the strengthening of local, national and regional production in order to build an international trade based on social and environmental clauses.

For a pan-Amazonian and global integration at the service of peoples and nature!

10. We call for Earth Assemblies in the face of the failure of the climate negotiations that have been captured by corporations and oil governments! We demand a just energy and productive transition that makes the decarbonization of our economy a reality. We reject the false discourses of «net zero emissions by 2050», the new carbon market mechanisms and the financialization of nature. We demand democratic and decentralized transitions that privilege community and sustainable forms of generation, production, transport and consumption. We call for the organization of Earth Assemblies to promote a radical reform of climate negotiations that ensures the effective participation of peoples and nature, and allows for the approval and implementation of actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the current decade.

Earth Assemblies to address the climate emergency of the Amazon and the planet!

The Amazon resists and will win!

Belém do Pará, July 28, 2022

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